The Scooter Boys by Charlie Spark

We were a teenage revolution,
The scooter, our transport of choice,
We loved music and Italian fashion,
We gave the youth of our time, a voice.

We were originally called the Modernists,
But to most, ‘The Mods’ was our name,
We owned Vespas and Lambrettas,
And to them, we owe our fame.

We all adorned our scooters,
With mirrors, lights and more,
Crash bars, badges and aerials,
We were very cool, for sure.

Some, they called us scooter boys,
Riding our ‘posing machines’,
Wearing fur trimmed hooded parkas,
And drainpipe trousers instead of jeans.

For us it wasn’t rock and roll,
We never learnt to jive,
Soul and Ska and R&B,
Was what made us feel alive.

Although this happened long ago,
The Mods are still around,
Still riding on their Vespas,
With their own, very special, sound.

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