The Guernsey by Charlie Spark

A jumper’s not a racehorse,
Nor a flipping kangaroo,
Or a bloke tied to a bungee,
It’s something worn by me and you.

It’s a knitted woollen garment,
Usually made in navy blue,
And was made for local fisherman,
Although you could wear one too.

These jumpers are made in Guernsey,
And carry the Guernsey name,
You can probably buy one somewhere else,
But it wouldn’t be the same.

You can buy a ‘Special Retro Guernsey’
For the Festival this year,
They come from Guernsey Woollens,
And they’re really not that dear.

It will soon be ‘Wear a Guernsey’ day,
So let’s do the Island proud,
And show off all our ‘Jumpers’,
And stand out from the crowd.

Charlie Spark

To places your orders please click here Retro Guernsey

photo taken by Elliott Mariess

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